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Classes at  TANZHAUS NRW     starting live! 7. of June

Tuesday   19.10 – 20.40

Friday   10.30 – 12.00
Open Class

Professional Class Düsseldorf  NRW Tanzhaus 2021

Tuesday       30.11    11.30 -12.00
Thursday      2.12.    11.30 -12.00
Tuesday       14.12.    11.30 – 12.00
Thursday     16.12.    11.30 – 12.00


 WORKSHOPS at Tanzhaus NRW 21

4.12.     16.00 – 18.00 Contemporary all levels

Dansclasses Köln

Position Danse
Richard- Wagner- Straße 8             ONLINE

Good Medium Leve
19.00 – 20.30 Uhr


Tanzfaktur Köln       online –   Live : staring 14. of june  
Siegburgerstraße 233

Saturday 10.00 – 11.00
Improvisation /Komposition

11.30 -12.30
contemporary all levels


Workshop Aachen

Workshop Aachen

again  if it’s possible

Tanzhaus Aachen Goffartstraße 26


Workshop Wien:

We keep in touch with some distance!
we’ll let you know

Contemporary Dance based on Forsythe Technique I/II with Erika Winkler:

Location will be told


Dance lessons at Gymnasium Essen Werden

contemporary Dance, Improvisation, Komposition



My contemporary dance training contains elements from different movement languages and is open in its style; nevertheless, the main focus of my work is based on William Forsythe’s ‘Improvisation Technologies’.
It is generally desired to interpret the given parameters on an individual level and to select areas of interest individually.
The aim is to find an independent and confident way of working with the material learned. Furthermore, I offer movement ideas to facilitate the process of finding movement in the dancer’s own body. These ideas are based on the tools of ‘Improvisation Technologies’ as well as springing from imagery and imagination.
Throughout the class, connections with Rudolph von Laban’s concept of space are made. Hereby, a differentiated perception of the body, variations of isolation of body parts and their positioning in relation to the inner and outer space are highlighted. This trajectory offers space for short improvisations with specific topics, to give the possibility to follow the body’s instinct and to reflect upon it.
The work can be stressed as physical and offers individual freedom. Ideally, it opens up the interest of exploration and personal translation of given parameters and frameworks through the body.

I work with this kind of body perception, in which the body is sent on an explorative journey through tasks and objectives, to find unusual itineraries, of which the results can take on individual translations for a long time.
I have rigorously investigated the ‘thinking’ bodywork that sharpens the sense of self and by that also trains the ability to repeat emerged movement schemes.
To date, I teach professional and undergraduate classes and develop my own choreographies according to these principles. I also give improvisation classes with topics and tasks based on the independent exploration of movement, efficient causes and aims.