Erika Winkler

Dancer and choreographer

Dance and music have always been important aspects of Erika Winkler’s life. The professional education at Folkwang-Hochschule represents the headstone for her further training in the field of theatre, the utilization of language and development of characters. Following this, as a matter of course, the expansion of her versatile experiences as a dancer made her conquer the stage as a choreographer and dancer.

An important aspect of her career as a dancer was the long-term employment at Theater Aachen, where she also made her first steps as a choreographer.
Subsequently, her employment at the company RAZ in Tilburg over a period of five years under Hans Tuerlings added an important impulse to her personal and professional development. Numerous international guest performances and many experiences of improvisation and composition gave new impulses for the years to follow. Erika Winkler has a very exceptional style, dedicating her main focus to the teaching and practicing of ‘Improvisation Technologies’ by William Forsythe.

By now, she is touring as an international teacher and works at ‘Tanzgymnasium Essen-Werden’, a secondary school specialized in dance, to educate young talents for the stage.